SS1000 Personal Trainer 

The SS1000 training training regime is designed to increase and measure your success by an average of 15% over 12 weeks, whatever you want success in... 

Success can be measured in many ways ranging from being able to smile at who you are, working towards a body you're happy to live with, to building a powerful and functional physique. We focus on you, developing your mindset, health, strength, experience and well-being. Most fitness regimes emphasise weight loss, body toning, getting your old body back, hoping to create the ideal shape for everyone, and this isn’t always the case, leading to unsatisfactory results. 

With SS1000, you will gain new strength, new energy, be healthier, plus look and feel a lot fitter overall. Working the SS1000 way we guarantee, if you put in the work and follow the SS1000 regime, you will create the body you want and be grin-happy with the positive energy and mindset that comes with it. 

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Tony Charles

SS1000 Founder & Group Trainer

I enjoy being able to inspire people through fitness regimes and understanding  the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I've dedicated a piece of my life to helping others achieve their fitness goals with long-lasting effects.

Get in touch if you'd like support, information or to take part in run groups circuit training, healthy lifestyle changes or one-to-one personal training. The SS 1000 mindset and traiing regimes focuses on helping you to be the happiest and healthiest you possible from the inside out.

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