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We're on the lookout for keen Fitness Fanatics,  Elite Sporting Professionals or people who just love a High-Intensity Workout.

SS1000 Getting Involved


Join us in the fight against prostate cancer on the SS1000 Prostate Cancer Awareness Circuit Challenge. The SS1000 challenge is one of the toughest of its kind. With 10 gruelling exercise platforms designed to slowly grind at and zap your physical, mental and emotional strength. 


We are calling on 10 of the fittest men and women from around Reading to help the 10's of 1,000's of men who are living with and after prostate cancer, come and test your fitness in aid of a worthy cause, beating cancer.


Taking part:

The challenge takes place at 6:00 am and if completing the full 10 rounds finishes at around 8:30 am. For some,  it is the hardest part; also, a real test of your motivation and dedication. Are your mind and body ready for this morning of glory, this one day and this one event or will you be compliant with societies norm and opt for the lay-in. 

  • We have 10 spaces available on the SS1000 challenge for anyone wishing to complete the full circuit cycle. 1 person can enter the event on their own and try to complete the 10 gruelling circuit cycles, or you can register 2 people to complete 5 cycles each or even 10 people to complete one cycle each. If there's space on the day or someone gives up, make a donation and 'come and have a go if you think you're fit enough.'

  • Non Gym members are required to pay a £7 registration/entry fee to gain access to the gym. Text 07811 215 235 for details. A percentage of your fee goes to the charity you will still need to raise your sponsorship money or donate to our just giving page

  • VIP Entry costs £30.00 and includes an SS1000 Challenge T-shirt, entry into the gym free refreshments during the event and a donation to the Prostate Cancer Charity. All you need do is turn up and get involved.

  • The MINIMUM suggested sponsorship donation per person is £20.00 (averaging £2.00. per cycle).

  • If you are representing a sports club wanting to compete against the elite entries, please let us know.


How the challenge works and what we want from you


The do's and don'ts of the SS1000 Challenge:

  • Participants need to complete a cycle of 10 exercises that cover a full-body workout within the time given

  • Each cycle lasts for a total of 60 seconds on 45 seconds participants are told to swap stations giving you 15 seconds to compose yourself.

  • On each station, contestants are required to perform 10 reps minimum of the required exercise or maintain constant movement to the judge's satisfaction

  • After each 10 station cycle contestant is given 60 seconds rest to rehydrate, stretch and take on supplements after 5 rounds participants take a 2-minute break, then continue to the finish with the regular 1-minute break between cycles.

  • Participants not completing the challenge in the correct form get tapped on the left shoulder and warned of their form by the event marshals.

  • Participants are required to replace any equipment to the default position within the time given for the next participant.

  • Participants taking are required to wear suitable clothing and bring a towel for sweat and a change of gym gear unless they don't mind training in wet clothing?


SS1000 training regime was founded by Monks high in the Tibetian mountains back in 1806... Nah only joking. The SS1000 Challenge and circuit training were designed to increase and measure your success by an average of 15% over 12 weeks (once executed correctly) whatever you want your success to be, engaging the broadest range of muscle groups, with added mental challenges that deliver a full-on workout like nothing before. SS1000 concentrates on core strength working outward from the core muscle group using, as well as traditional training techniques, breathing disciplines, improvised body movement and good old fashion grit determination. Join us on our gym buddies circuit sessions Mondays & Fridays at The Gym Reading West in a build-up to the challenge and see what it's all about.



SS1000 levels of engagement:

To make the challenge fair to all participants, we have split the challenge into 3 categories these reflect the weights you use during the challenge.

  1. Intermediates: Bronze Level Entry

  2. Advanced: Silver Level Entry

  3. Elite: Gold Level Entry


Sponsorships and donations:


Help us encourage friends family and co-workers to stop ignoring prostate cancer and get tested read the Shape Shifter Run Clubs press release for more of an insight into why we chose to support this charity in particular.


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