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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

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Understanding what gets you going and worst to the matter... what makes you stop!

Becoming the best you ever!

The fitness industry is forever growing, twisting and turning. Every year we're introduced to new fads, techniques, diets, regimes, equipment or attire, which can sometimes be met with some degree of uncertainty.

The one thing that is certain about the industry is it will dish this out to the same model of homo sapiens (Latin ~ wise man) it has done for its entirety. Who brings these new ideas to market? Some may come from everyday people who've stumbled on an idea, some from scientific sports research developed to get the most from mankind, others from brainiacs who administer just a slight change to what’s already out there. Is there still something missing, not from the core elements that are involved in getting you from who you are, to who you would like to be, and not something that's developed in a factory covered in rubber, steel or of latex power stretching capabilities Nah, I think what's missing is to come from you, us, homo sapiens.

Before I can start to go on about the pros and cons of this and that you have to understand the person I am, my design, my way of thinking and what prompted me to even contemplate giving you an insight into it, you’ll begin to see where my thinking philosophy comes from and why I think there is always another way, possibly a better and more fun way.

I’ve always been of the notion that things can always be done a little bit different, I remember as a kid I was the one who made the crazy suggestions like loosening the nuts of the front wheel on your bike to see whose wheel came of first when you went over a ramp or playing football moving the jumpers closer to make the goal smaller, and getting the goalkeepers to put jumpers over their heads to make the game more exciting. The one thing what defined me more than most was a game we played called hang-on. Who remembers the pulleys at adventure playgrounds the one you rode down on a tyre. Well, the tyre got burnt off leaving around 20 metres of cable, so we decided to see who could hang onto it for the longest, six or seven started with two swingers after a few swings a couple remained then I alone until the inevitable happened my hands lost grip and off I came. I saw grass then sky then grass then nothing. When my eyes opened there were faces of mums and kids looking down at me, blurred faces uttering the words don’t move him, where does he live, call an ambulance. To me, the only thing worse than the way I was feeling at that time was how I’d feel if my mum found out what I was doing from an ambulance man Nah,. I staggered and swayed home on the shoulder of friends avoiding my mum on the way to my bedroom. The next day I was a neighbourhood hero, apparently, there was a full summersault my head hit the ground and I lay lifelike for around 2 minutes.

This for me was my first recollection of when it all started, the want for physical thrills, egged on by my friends as the kid who’d try anything, I adopted a never say can’t mentality’ that has seen me, hit by cars, bikes, people, fall out of trees, nearly drowned, collided with a boat, struck by fireworks chased by a bull (twice - different bull). Although I've never broken any bones my physical challenges have torn, strained sprained and bruised muscles and tendons throughout my body - no surprise there, it's the perils of doing dumb things. What’s the big deal… you see I think that urge to get, want, be, win and continue to do so is my design, my default.

The frill seeking physical excitement has stayed with me through life although the injuries kept coming year in year out with the healing process taking a little longer each time until the last noticeable injury gave me a wake up call and opened my eyes to what could have been, a quick and scary look into a non physical future if I kept on going about activities the same way, whilst recovering from the last injury and pondering I looked at the past and tracked back to what brought me to this day to the way I think, the way my body and mind worked, reacted and recovered to take me through life and keep me geared up and ready for the next episode. That’s when it dawned on me. Default, the action, place and comfortable area your mind and body go to when things go drastically wrong and you have to start from the beginning. For some it can be a diet fail, when plans go out the window, programs don’t work, life or people let you down, you didn’t get the promotion at work or you’ve been made redundant... that’s when you hit your default - the who you really are, the feelings and actions that define you at your lowest point that you can’t hide from, followed by the action, feeling, notion mood or habit you adopt or adapt to when things just aren't right in life.

Most peoples defaults are something people do to comfort or pleasure themselves because of the situation they’ve found themselves in, a systematically self-adopted solution to a current and sometimes immediate problem - the feel-good factor to your shit-hit-fan-then-face scenario, bad experience, waste of time venture or just leave me alone moment because right here right now at this time I feel good… real good.

If you look into yourself you’ll see your default look even harder you will see a pattern for your default you may even see the same or similar people and or environment involved in your life and the procedures surrounding your default. Your default can be turning to, drink, drugs, unhealthy food, unhealthy habits or on the flip side it could be painting, reading a book, running, swimming, weight training, everybody’s default is different, It's their place where they do what they want and don't generally care what other people think about it or think about them, because whether long term or temporary it can replace the unhappiness you felt with a good feeling.

Now the problem with the here and now and most peoples defaults is they tend to be a replacement for what should really make them happy, bad habits, and what this can do to the subconscious mind is get it to reassure the conscious mind that hey life goes on, you tried, you failed, it wasn’t for you, their different... it’s ok to stop, ok to quit! This notion can further develop into a negative outlook on the situation, or person you defaulted from, sometimes even wrongfully passing the blame for the outcome on the very person, place, situation or program that people take part in to take them away from the very place and situation they find themselves in now. Vicious circle right!

I strayed off the beaten track as a kid, yep my default changed whilst on a wild up-down lifestyle chasing the wrong things I ended up nearly 17 stone suffering from bad knees, back, neck, cholesterol with lungs that felt the size of a chain-smoking wood pigeons, eventually trying diets, regimes, plans, programs... anything to get back to a healthy life with a six-pack, paying big fees for small gains. It was only when I threw the fads out the window and started training like the little big-headed kid on the pulley cable did things start to change, the more I became the kid, emptying the tank and just having fun the fitter, not only I became, but everyone who inputted in the activities we took part in, I believe subconsciously I hit my original default and it all came flooding back 'mind and body'. Nowadays I wonder where did the programming come from was it before the pulley scenario and can the combination of laugh out loud HIT amongst a group of people as hyped as yourself take you and them back to an early default? Is this the power of group training, circuits and team sports?

I've realigned my default and have an idea as to why it connects mind and body and believe that everyone, everyone can find there positive default and adopt a lifestyle through knowledge of self, past, present and future, to make them seriously asses their current mindset and over time change it to a more positive one. This isn't random copy churned out for the sake of blogging, over the past 18 or so months I've been studying, courses, lectures, online, in gyms at seminars (my default kicked in, in a new area) to find out how to do this properly and I'd like to share the positive and inspiring elements of this part of my life journey through six blogs to help people get to a place where they not only feel confident enough to do anything, but are also aware of the benefits to their social circle, their surroundings and their environment, I'd like to help people open their eyes and take the blinkers off to see the wonders of self in the world right here around them,in the hope it will trigger their self-belief, self-motivation and commitment towards living a healthy lifestyle til eventually their default starts them from a positive place.

I think we’ve found, a missing piece to the fitness industries jigsaw (a missing piece not the missing piece) that can support an individuals healthy lifestyle change regardless of age, gender or physical training experience. Check our website for updates or subscribe to our blogs and you decide. Who knows maybe we’ll inspire you enough to join us on one of our circuits or challenges.

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Be well and have fun in life!

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